Serving Our World

God calls us to enlarge our heart for the whole world, beyond our backyard. Through Kingdom Builders, our annual, all-location vision campaign, we are living out the call to be witnesses—not only locally, but even to the ends of the earth.

Global Projects


Valencia, Venezuela

The economy in Venezuela is in free fall. Basic services like water and electricity are now failing in large portions of the country. Hunger, robbery, and violence are now a normal part of life. Despite this, our sister church, Iglesia Gran Comisión, is expanding. Our support is enabling the local church to assist those in need. 


Fuel Food Packing

Fuel organizes packing sessions to assemble a rice-based, highly nutritional food that is shipped to countries where nutritional food is in short supply. Packing and shipping food is a temporary, short-term tool to help transition communities out of poverty and into self-sufficiency. Upcoming packing sessions will be listed in the events page.


Missionary Support

These faithful missionaries are funded as a top priority within Kingdom Builders. We are proud to support them and the Gospel work to which they are giving their lives.