MTOC Service Projects Needed

In preparation for Evergreen’s summer mission, we’re in the process of identifying and evaluating various service projects.


To demonstrate the love of Christ in very practical ways to members or our church family, our neighbors, friends, and others in our community. These projects are opportunities to engage with others, bless them with needed help, and maybe even provide an opportunity to share the gospel. It is also a great opportunity to build bonds of friendship and unity among those serving.


Most projects should be those that don’t require high degrees of skill or craftsmanship and that can be completed in 2-3 hour blocks of time. Examples from past years are yard work, tree trimming, landscape refreshing, painting, light repairs (inside and outside), helping a family move, light car repair, child care, cleaning gutters, removing brush, laying sod, etc.  

The Mission team will provide the labor, however, the cost for materials and supplies would be the responsibility of the homeowner. 


If you would like to submit a project, please contact Carolynn Barnes. Carolyn will respond with a project worksheet (if applicable). We’re asking that those submitting projects consider being the project leader (or identifying someone who can lead the project). We may be able to identify a project leader if you are unable to do so.