Bringing God Up Close - Life, Liberty and the Pursuit


Ice Breaker:

Share about one of the best authority figures in your life.



  1. What things in your life have most strongly influenced your concept of and reaction to authority?
  2. What is your first response to the idea that God wants us to submit to authority?  What are the fears that arise in your mind?

 Sub List


3.  Which of the above authorities that God has instituted do you think is the least accepted by our culture?  For you personally?

4.  How have you seen God work in your life through any of these authorities?

5.  Are you struggling to accept Gods leading through any of these in your life currently? 

6.  What things have you done to grow in confidence that God is ultimately in control?


Prayer Ideas

Pray for each other based on answers to question 5 and 6.

Pray that the city would approve the building plans of Trinity E Free quickly.

Pray for any other personal needs in the group.