A Call to Leadership - Chapters 7-9

By J. Oswald Sanders       Meeting date:          2/24/04


Quick prayer by leader to start the meeting.


Ice Breaker:

What’s your favorite ice cream and topping or dessert? 


Break into smaller groups (5-6 per group) 

Discussion Questions:

  1. What deficiencies and failings do you most often notice in leaders? 
  2. Peter had to fail to order to have a humble heart.   Would this be true for everyone?   How have you learned, or what would need to happen for you to learn true humility? 
  3. Who do you prefer as a model of leadership, Peter or Paul?   Why? 
  4. Chapter 8 talks about the ‘Essential’ qualities of leadership.   Which one do you find most difficult to embrace?  (Discipline, Vision, Wisdom, Decision, Courage, Humility, Integrity and Sincerity) 
  5. Look at the example of growth in Humility that God blessed Paul with. (Bottom of page 61).   Have you seen the Lord grow you in any of the “Essential Qualities” over the past year?  
  6. Chapter 9 talks about holy anger.   Similar to Brent’s message last weekend.   Are you capable of this type of anger that isn’t self serving, inward focused, or done out of spite? 
  7. What was your definition of patience before reading the definition from KJ Version 2 Peter 1:6? 
  8. Are you a good listener?   How about during an argument or when you are feeling defensive?   Are you able to listen in the rough times as well as the easier times?


 Pray for the person on your left.