A Call to Leadership - Chapters 1 & 2

By J. Oswald Sanders      Meeting date:  1/20/04


Quick prayer by leader to start the meeting.


Ice Breaker:

Give the names of the following movies:   movie that you think is the funniest, movie that exudes the image of a “real man”, movie that makes you cry. 


Break into smaller groups (5-6 per group) 

Discussion Questions:


  1. Why is it difficult for Christians today to wholeheartedly agree with Paul that spiritual leadership is “an honorable ambition”? (Chapter 1) 
  2. Give examples of good and bad leaders which you’ve experienced. 
  3. Why are spiritual leaders in such short supply today? (Chapter 2) 
  4. What is the role of leadership training if spiritual leadership is conferred by God alone? (Chapter 2) 
  5. How do the leadership qualities, admired in the business world, compare to the qualities required for spiritual leadership? (Mark 10:41-45) 
  6. Do you feel a leadership calling within the church?