A Call to Leadership - Chapters 12 & 13

By J. Oswald Sanders     Meeting date: 3/16/04


Quick prayer by leader to start the meeting.


Ice Breaker:

If you were a “two-wheeled” vehicle, what would you be?


Discussion Questions:

  1. If time were not a consideration, what work in the church would you most enjoy? 
  2. Why do spiritual leaders often feel undue pressure in the use of time? 
  3. How wisely do you use your spare time?   What do you do with your spare time?   Are you doing the work that God has planned for you with your spare time? 
  4. How many books do you read in a month from cover to cover? 
  5. If the notes and files of your reading were to be turned over to a detective-psychologist for character analysis, what would they conclude about you? 
  6. Are you a quantity or quality reader?


Pray for the person on your right.