A Call to Leadership - Chapters 12-14

By J. Oswald Sanders     Meeting date: 3/16/04


Quick prayer by leader to start the meeting.


Ice Breaker:

If you were a “two-wheeled” vehicle, what would you be?


Discussion Questions:

  1. If time were not a consideration, what work in the church would you most enjoy? 
  2. Do you feel pressure from tasks you are doing that God hasn’t assigned?
  3. If you were stranded on an island, what three books (or magazine subscriptions) would you most desire? 
  4. What kind of impact has reading had on your life? 
  5. What does it mean to lead with intensity? 
  6. Out of the six important areas to care for (page 112), what are you working hardest on? 


Pray for the person on your right.