1 Thessalonians - Chapter 5 Again




Talk about a time in your life when it was really hard to say goodbye.



Read 1 Thessalonians Chapter 5:12-28 

  1. If you heard the weekend message, share something that God impressed you with.
  2. Share your thoughts on church leaders.  Have you had a bad experience in the past?  How do you think God wants us to deal with these?
  3. Read Eph 4:11-16  How do you feel about the role that God wants us to play in “keeping one another moving”?  Have you ever admonished or been admonished by anyone?  How did it go?
  4. Paul instructs us to not put out the Spirit’s fire.  How do you know if it is God speaking to you about something?  Can you share about a time when you followed his lead and it was clear later that God had moved you? 
  5. On a scale from 1-10 how well do you do at being joyful always?  What things make it really hard for you to be thankful?  Can you share about how you decided to be thankful in the midst of difficult things and it brought you joy?
  6. What things tend to crowd out your desire to know Christ better?
  7. Where do you think God is working in your life and what do you need to do to join him?