1 Thessalonians - Chapter 2a 




Share about a time when you either felt like a real failure or a brilliant success.



Read 1 Thessalonians Chapter 1 

  1. If you heard the weekend message, share something that God impressed you with.
  2. Give some examples of how you have seen God’s work being done in a way that was not God’s?  Would you consider that successful?
  3. Read vs 4-6.  In what situations do you really worry about what people think of you?  How has this affected you?  What things could help us overcome this pressure?
  4. Read vs 7-12.  If you have had a person whose life was instrumental in helping you grow closer to God, relate something that did that helped you.   If you are still looking for a true demonstration of the reality of God, what would help convince you?
  5. Read vs 13.  Read Isaiah 55:9-11.  How big of a struggle is it for you to get time reading the Bible?   How has spending time with God through reading the Bible impacted your life?  Share  any verses that you often turn to in your life to help you.