1 Corinthians 13:1-7 “How’s Your Love Life?”


ICE BREAKER: From the list below pick 3 of the situations you would want your spouse to be your partner and then pick 3 situations you wouldn’t want your spouse to be your partner. 

  1. Endurance dance contest partner
  2. Scuba diving with the Cousteau crew
  3. Monday night football announcer teammate
  4. Sand Castle tournament building partner
  5. Astronaut to fly the space shuttle while I walk in space
  6. My bodyguard in the event I strike it rich
  7. Bobsled race partner for the Olympics
  8. Secret undercover agent copartner
  9. Mt. Everest mountain climbing partner
  10. Trapeze act for the Barnum & Bailey Circus
  11. Author of my biography
  12. Tag-Team partner for a professional wrestling match  


1.  How easy is it for you to tell someone, “I love you”? 

2.  How does the definition and description of love in this passage compare with the realities in our culture. 

3.  Take a minute and go through the list of descriptions of Love and grade yourself on a scale from 1-10.  Share with the group the one or two you scored highest on and the one or two you scored lowest on.


LOVE IS PATIENT: I don’t take out my frustrations on those I love.  I am calm under pressure and careful with my tongue. 

LOVE IS KIND: I go out of my way to say nice words and do thoughtful things for others. 

LOVE DOES NOT ENVY: I am not envious of others’ gifts and abilities or of what they have. 

LOVE DOES NOT BOAST: I don’t consider myself any more important than others - or talk lie “I know better”. 

LOVE IS NOT RUDE: I don’t make cutting or crude remarks when I don’t get my way - or become silent and withdrawn. 

LOVE IS NOT SELF-SEEKING: I don’t put myself first.  I try to give those I love spiritual and emotional support. 

LOVE IS NOT EASILY ANGERED: I don’t let little things bother me, especially with those I love.  I have a muffler on my mouth. 

LOVE KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONGS: I don’t keep score of the number of times those I love have said or done something that upset me, and I don’t bring it up when we have a conflict. 

LOVE ALWAYS PROTECTS: I am always there for those I love - even when they upset me - seeking to comfort and care as Christ would. 

LOVE ALWAYS HOPES: I am good at expecting the best and thinking the best about those I love.  I always give those I love the benefit of the doubt. 

LOVE ALWAYS PERSEVERES: I am committed to those I love and I am prepared to see that commitment through to the end.